on Global Education and Distance Learning

In-Company Training

In-company training is a cost effective option where up to twenty staff have the same or similar training need. It will benefit your college by ensuring learning continuity during and after your training. Delivering in-company training programs at your premises will ensure minimum interruption to your business day, save you money on travel and hotel accommodation and provide the training to your staff in familiar surroundings which is conducive to retention of knowledge.

WSAS offers customized courses on distance learning, adult education, educational technology, and educational administration. This type of programme aims to provide custom-made solutions for the development of teams in educational organisations. The solid experience of WSAS in developing these projects over the last 10 years aims to introduce real solutions into the workplace.

Those attending the training programmes acquire new knowledge and work methods and harness their abilities in order to implement the training received in a programmed environment. Our experience in developing training projects for colleges means we are adaptable, flexible and sensitive and we deal with clients in a confidential and personalised manner.